5 Essentials of a Wedding Videographer

September 24, 2012By HollyCinematography

Over the years we’ve learned, often the hard way, that there are 5 essential things a wedding videographer should have with them on the day of a wedding. Sunscreen – Even if the wedding is indoors, we usually go outside at some point for pictures. Sunscreen is very important to keeping us videographers from looking … Read More

Gear Bag: Shootsac

September 8, 2012By DavidGear Bag, Photography

There’s few things videographers and photographers love more than new gear. We’ve owned one Shootsac lens bag for a few years, but finally decided to pick up another one and accessorize both. They arrived on Friday and Holly and I both love them! I first heard about Shootsac from Sean Schofield, a photographer friend of … Read More

Why Reception Lighting is So Important

September 7, 2012By DavidLighting, Reception

There’s just something about a wedding reception taking place in a ballroom that makes us want to have the lights dimmed low. I can’t think of a single reception where people wanted to keep things bright (in the evening, at least). While this is so very important to set the mood for your guests, it’s … Read More

Reception Surprises: A Water Balloon

September 7, 2012By HollyReception

Everyone knows that tossing the bouquet is a grand tradition at almost every wedding… It was the night before the big day, at the rehearsal dinner and the bride got the brilliant idea to throw a surprise into the mix (literally!). She asked one of her trusted bridesmaids to do a last minute favor, to … Read More

Locations We Love: Bali Hai Restaurant

September 6, 2012By DavidLocations We Love, Reception

We recently had the pleasure of shooting Elizabeth + Kevin’s wedding reception at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island in San Diego. What an incredible experience! Here are the top 3 reasons why we loved it. The Bali Hai is BEAUTIFUL! The location itself is very striking. As you can see from the photo … Read More