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It wasn’t your ordinary Halloween night. This October 31st will forever be a special date for Hilary + Graham Partner. On this gorgeous day at the breathtaking Stone Eagle Golf Club of Palm Springs, Hilary walked down the aisle lined with soft rose petals that led to her life partner, in every sense of the word.

Everything about the day was made unique and special. It was true to Hilary + Graham in every way, with a personalized ceremony and vows, well planned and thoughtful speeches, and other detailed touches.

Even though this was not your typical halloween and it wasn’t a halloween themed wedding, the opportunity to trick or treat was not lost. Hilary + Graham thoughtfully prepared a “treat” and a “costume” trunk for the guests to pick and choose their favorite treats and a fun costume to bring out onto the dance floor.

If that wasn’t enough of a great halloween night, more was soon to come. The clock struck midnight and something far better than a fairy godmother appeared. In-N-Out burgers were delivered! It couldn’t have been better.

Highlight photo generously provided by the incredible Katie Geiberger of Kathleen Geiberger Artistic Photography.

Venues: Stone Eagle Golf Club, Bighorn Golf Club
Event Design & Coordination: Artisan Events
Photography: Kathleen Geiberger Artistic Photography
Cinematography: Your Day Films