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David & Holly model their new Shootsac camera lens bags at Balboa Park in San Diego

There’s few things videographers and photographers love more than new gear. We’ve owned one Shootsac lens bag for a few years, but finally decided to pick up another one and accessorize both. They arrived on Friday and Holly and I both love them! I first heard about Shootsac from Sean Schofield, a photographer friend of mine and our first one has proved invaluable over the last few years. One really neat feature is the ability to customize them with a bunch of different colors. While many of the covers are geared toward women, they have a couple of really great ones for guys, too (see mine above)! The build quality is really nice, and feels good while you wear it. The neoprene pockets protect the lenses and hold them snugly. There’s even room for a full Canon 70-200mm 2.8L II!

We put them right to use on a photo shoot today for our friends Jared & Sarah’s one year old daughter Violet. We were very thankful that we didn’t have to lug around our Pelican case of gear. Instead, we loaded up Holly’s Shootsac with lenses and mine had all the flash gear and miscellaneous accessories. We highly recommend these bad boys!

Photo of Jared, Sarah and Violet Loveless in Balboa Park, San Diego