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Bride tosses water balloon instead of bouquet

Everyone knows that tossing the bouquet is a grand tradition at almost every wedding…

It was the night before the big day, at the rehearsal dinner and the bride got the brilliant idea to throw a surprise into the mix (literally!). She asked one of her trusted bridesmaids to do a last minute favor, to get something for the reception the next day, but without telling anybody.

Fast forward to the wedding day, it’s time to throw the bouquet! All of the single ladies crowd around, excitedly awaiting the infamous battle that is about to begin. The bride excitedly awaits the toss too, but not for the same reasons. The countdown begins and  she is ready to go. The crowd of ladies is moving and shoving, as the bride lets go. They’ve got their eyes on the prize! But all of a sudden, some realize that prize is not the beautiful bouquet they were expecting. Its a water balloon! Some realize what is about to hit them, as others blindly jump for the object being hurled towards them. Then at the last moment everyone realizes what is happening, and they all duck away, and the balloon falls to the ground with a splat.

It was a huge hit and got a great laugh from everyone there! It was a great surprise that made the reception all the more unique and fun.