From Snippets to Story

March 27, 2013By DavidCeremony, Editing

One of the best parts of our job is taking a whole bunch of seemingly random video clips and using them to tell a story. The hours that take place across the wedding day are edited down into a concise story; one that you are going to enjoy watching. Believe me, there’s no way you … Read More

The Ring Shot

January 14, 2013By DavidCinematography, Details, Photography

One of my absolute favorite shots to capture at a wedding is the detail shot of the rings. Many of our photographer friends we work with think I’m crazy (they hate posing rings), but it’s one of my favorites. It amazes me every time we shoot a wedding how different and unique each couples’ rings … Read More

Why meeting couples for the first time is awesome

October 28, 2012By DavidCinematography

One of my favorite events we do every year is the Bridal Bazaar in San Diego. Out of the four shows they put on, we host a booth at the two smaller shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It allows us the opportunity for one of my favorite moments as a wedding cinematographer. Meeting with … Read More

Gear Bag: Shootsac

September 8, 2012By DavidGear Bag, Photography

There’s few things videographers and photographers love more than new gear. We’ve owned one Shootsac lens bag for a few years, but finally decided to pick up another one and accessorize both. They arrived on Friday and Holly and I both love them! I first heard about Shootsac from Sean Schofield, a photographer friend of … Read More

Why Reception Lighting is So Important

September 7, 2012By DavidLighting, Reception

There’s just something about a wedding reception taking place in a ballroom that makes us want to have the lights dimmed low. I can’t think of a single reception where people wanted to keep things bright (in the evening, at least). While this is so very important to set the mood for your guests, it’s … Read More

Locations We Love: Bali Hai Restaurant

September 6, 2012By DavidLocations We Love, Reception

We recently had the pleasure of shooting Elizabeth + Kevin’s wedding reception at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island in San Diego. What an incredible experience! Here are the top 3 reasons why we loved it. The Bali Hai is BEAUTIFUL! The location itself is very striking. As you can see from the photo … Read More