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True love begins in so many ways.  Casey found herself in the right aisle of Safeway, only to come across Steele, busy at work.

“Steele, sometimes I look at you and your love for me leaves me utterly speechless. From the moment I met you, you stood out to me. It’s like God highlighted you and said, ‘Casey, he’s special.'”

When most people think of Seattle, they think of Starbucks, rain, and…maybe hipsters? But during our recent trip to Seattle, it was all love, laughter, and fun! It’s not often we get to have such a personal connection to our couples, but in this case, Casey, one of Holly’s best friends from college, was tying the knot.

For the record, Seattle in mid-March is AMAZING. Beautiful vistas across the Sound, temperatures in the mid-50s, and the rain held off for almost our entire visit!

Both Casey + Steele began their days in West Seattle, a quiet hilly suburb just minutes from downtown. Casey and her girls got ready at the house that she and Steele would soon share as husband and wife. While the girls were busy with hair and makeup, Steele and his groomsmen lounged at his parents’ house, swapping stories as they enjoyed some homemade tortilla soup.

“I love you more than I love lions. In fact, the love doesn’t even compare…”

Soon it was time for their first look, and both sides of the bridal party converged on Within Sodo, their chic venue nestled in the heart of the industrial district. As she had done many times over the course of their relationship, Casey had prepared a limerick for Steele to read in a journal they both shared. With tears in his eyes, Steele read through it page by page, as Casey quietly approached him in the background. As he finished, she placed her hand on his shoulder and their eyes met. From that point on, it was all over; the fun and merriment officially began.

“I promise I will hold your hand until we’re old and grey. Making young people look at us and sigh, and say, ‘I want that kind of love.'”

Trading vows in front of their closest friends and family, Casey + Steele’s ceremony was one of the most heartfelt we have ever been a part of. Their reception included a custom-made photo booth crafted by their friends, and hilarious stories and toasts, set against a backdrop of market lights, paper lanterns and other personalized touches. One of the highlights of the night were the custom coloring books given to each guest to fill out. Rain finally began to fall, and everyone gathered outside for an enthusiastic sparkler exit as Casey + Steele joyously hopped into their classic get-away car and off to their honeymoon.

It wasn’t just a love story captured in one of the most romantic cities on earth. We were privileged to witness the next step of a relationship that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like to check out their custom mini-site, take a look here:

Here’s their full wedding film, too:


Location: Within Sodo

Cinema: Your Day Films

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