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It all began when he got a temporary job at her pub to make money he needed for a trip to Australia to “find himself”. Little did he know that taking that job would keep him from going on that trip, and change his life forever. The first time she laid eyes on him, she knew immediately that he was something special. Six hundred and twenty three days later they said “I Do” among their closest friends and family.

Michelle: “I kept you from going and finding yourself.”

Dane: “I ended up finding myself… at that pub.”

It was a perfect time filled with friends and family from all over the world. The weekend began with blue skies, rolling green hills, and golf with the guys having fun golfing at the club where Dane and Michelle would soon be married. It was a perfect night of celebration surrounded by the most important people in their lives on a day that they’ll remember forever.

“When you really break down things to the simplest form, all we really have is our family, and our family, and our friends. And that’s what you have here tonight.”

“You guys clearly are very very talented. You perfectly captured everything from our night and this is something that we will be able to cherish for the rest of our lives. We love the engraved box that it came in as well and will make an awesome gift for Michelle’s family. I think I was most impressed with how our first dance turned out. I saw an unedited cell phone video of it and  it looked awkward to say the least.  I swear we had dance lessons before it but we both forgot everything and got caught up in the moment. None of that showed in the video and we are both grateful for that! You were both so very personable and were very easy to “be normal” around. I can imagine that if that weren’t the case, having videographers around could make being yourself tough. That was not the case with you guys.”