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Digital Film Drive Best Practices

Digital Film Drive Best Practices

Step 1 – Back Up Your Videos!

It is important to take precautions to make sure your videos are never lost to the tragedy of a lost or failed USB drive. One of the easiest ways to do this is to transfer the files from your USB Digital Film Drive onto another drive, or computer.

If you want to take an even more committed step, back it up to the cloud. We recommend BackBlaze, a service we’ve been using successfully for years. Give BackBlaze a try using our referral link and get your first month free!

TV Playback

Many newer TVs have the ability to play back the video files on this Digital Film Drive. To play your files on your TV, locate the USB port. It is most likely near the HDMI and other connections on the back or side of your TV. Plug the Digital Film Drive into the USB port and follow the onscreen prompts.

We can’t guarantee this will work on all TVs. Check with your manufacturer or owner’s manual to see if your TV supports this feature.

Computer Playback

Your Digital Film Drive is formatted to open on a PC or Apple computer. All videos should open with your computer’s video player. The videos are all 1080p HD, and may play more choppily on an older computer.