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David & Holly - The Your Day Films team

One of my favorite events we do every year is the Bridal Bazaar in San Diego. Out of the four shows they put on, we host a booth at the two smaller shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It allows us the opportunity for one of my favorite moments as a wedding cinematographer. Meeting with couples and hearing their story is absolutely hands down one of my favorite events of the process.

Yes, it means standing and smiling for six hours, but seeing the joy on each person’s face is so worth it! I love learning where people are getting married, what venue they’ve chosen (if they’re there yet), and why they love their fiancé (or fiancee). The excitement is contagious for me and it’s why I look forward to the shows each April and October.

If you’re reading this, and we met you at the show today, I can’t wait to hear more about you and your story. Even more, Holly and I can’t wait to capture your day. Getting to present you with a film that captures all the excitement and details of your day is so exciting and fun for us!