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“My wedding was even more than we had hoped it could be. You always imagine it perfect, but you know despite all the planning, something can always go wrong. Our day was perfect. We were blessed beyond measure.” – Tiffany Ballagh

When cowboy meets cowgirl, it’s a match made in heaven. Tiffany + Devyn are so cute together we can hardly stand it. After meeting each other online via the site, their relationship began first by email, then over the phone, and finally in person, when Devyn flew to Spokane to meet Tiffany face-to-face for the first time.

Their wedding day was filled with personalized touches, DIY centerpieces (and so much more!), and most importantly, two families coming together to celebrate the beginning of the next great chapter in the lives of their children. In addition to their big day, we also had the amazing opportunity to meet with Tiffany + Devyn during the week ahead, and sat down with them on the tailgate of Tiffany’s uncle’s classic Chevy pickup so that they could share their love story.

Tiffany says:

“David and Holly recently filmed our wedding in Otis Orchards, WA. The first time we met was in a little coffee shop in Coeur d’Alene. They wanted to get to know us, our backgrounds, our lifestyles, our passions and our story. We kept in communication in the months leading up to our wedding and by the time June 14th came, David and Holly were like friends to us. They shot an ‘Our Story’ film the Wednesday before our wedding which helped us get used to the camera and also made a cute little video where we were in our ‘casual’ clothes. The day of the wedding was perfect. David and Holly were very professional and worked with our photographer as a team. Our family and friends still comment about how contagious their smiles are and how much of a joy they were to be around. We were able to show our video at our Nebraska reception two weeks later and there were very few dry eyes in the crowd. It is perfect. They captured our special day so completely. We love our video and we love them! So very blessed to have met you both! Thank you David and Holly!!!”

Check out their custom mini-site here:


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